Chemical Weapons

Anniston Chemical Disposal Facility1
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The Army resumed destroying chemical weapons today after its first attempt at burning nerve agent went slower than expected and produced a hitch.

Officials at the Anniston Army Depot had hoped to destroy 800 gallons of sarin over the holiday weekend but burned only 530 gallons of the material.

Incinerator spokesman Mike Abrams said the work went slower than expected, and sarin vapor escaped from the incinerator system into an enclosed, pressurized room that encloses the machinery.

Abrams said the vapor never left the room and was NOT a danger to the public or workers.

He said the problem will be fixed before more chemical agent is burned.

Incineration opponent Craig Williams of the Kentucky-based Chemical Weapons Working Group said the incomplete burn is evidence operations are not going as planned.

Abram said more than 900 M55 rockets containing sarin had been safely destroyed at the incinerator.