Houston/Henry Co. D.A. Handpicked for Service

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Houston/Henry County District Attorney Doug Valeska has been appointed to a committee, which was hand-picked by Attorney General Troy King.

The committee is made up of judges, and district attorney's from Alabama, who look at different ways domestic violence victims, may be helped by the law.

The board's existence is a result of Ozark Police Deputy Chief Eddie Henderson meeting with King to discuss universal language, protocols, procedures, and prosecutions state-wide when it comes to domestic violence cases.

"I'm very honored. But it had nothing to do with anything I've done. It had to do with the rich history that our circuit has when it comes to prosecuting domestic violence cases. It all has to do with excellent program like the House of Ruth" says Valeska.

Geneva County Judge Charles Fleming is also apart of the board, which will release its plan in April of next year.