Stolen Property Recovered as Police Search for Thief

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The search continues for a man police say broke into several Dothan homes and cars, and stole thousands of dollars worth of electronics.

On Tuesday night, police raided a home on Boyce St., in the western part of Dothan where they found close to $15,000 in other stolen electronics.

"We have cameras... several cameras. We have radios from vehicles, we also have recordable DVD players," said Dothan’s Police Chief, John Powell.

Several wireless modem cards, GPS navigation devices, and power tools were also recovered from the home in the Chapelwood Subdivision. Police say the home was being occupied by 31-year old Thurman Wesley Potter.

"It would be speculation on our part but probably through theft that he was involved indirectly, or through a relation to somebody who actually committed the act," said Powell.

As police continue to search for Potter, they will now try to sort out piles of theft reports and try to find what belongs to whom.

If you have any information about Potter’s whereabouts, you're asked to call Dothan Police at (334) 615-3000.