Lockheed Martin Strenghens U.S. Defense

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As the war on terror continues, many of our nation's leaders look to strengthen our defense systems.

One of those systems calls southeast Alabama home.

Pike County’s Lockheed Martin is home to what's called the THAAD System, which stands for Thermal High Altitude Area Defense. It plays a crucial role in protecting our nation.

While defense may be no new concept to the U.S., missile defense is.

Created in the late 90's, the U.S. now prides itself in technology to locate, and shoot down any entering missiles.

Lockheed Martin, just north of Troy, Alabama, is a major player in that defense.

"You have proven the quality of the workforce here and you absolutely have taken steps to make this nation safer from the various threats we face around the world," says U.S. Senator Jeff Sessions.

However, Lockheed didn't just open doors for Alabama regarding the nation's defense.

Leaders say it also put Alabama on the map for bringing in other industries.

“We’re one of the first technological centers or one of the first places to provide technical, skilled jobs for the Pike County area and Alabama. Some of that story has been used for other companies and other industries to grow in the state of Alabama,” says Site Leader, Rick Hulcher.

Currently, Lockheed Martin employees 250 people and hires additional people based on government contracts.

It’s those contracts that become the main flexibility in the workplace.

One of Alabama’s U.S. Senators, Jeff Sessions, told us on Wednesday that he sees our nation becoming smarter in protecting itself from a possible foreign attack, by increasing government money and passing bills to support places like Lockheed Martin.

Lockheed Martin officials recognized U.S. Senator Jeff Sessions and Congressman Terry Everett for their work in strengthening the missile defense system.