Low Alabama Unemployment Rate

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If you have found it easy to find and maintain a job lately, you're not alone.
Recent manufacturing growth in Alabama has made the state's unemployment rate the lowest in the nation.
And the latest statistics show the state has even broken it's own record...tying with it's lowest unemployment rate in the past 30 years.
Wiregrass resident, Stephen McConell recently found himself without a job.
And after only two weeks of searching he was hired with a company of his choice, earning decent pay and competitive benefits.
He says, "I had a few offers and I looked at the benefits and you went to see what fits best and that's when I chose Michelin."
And this story is similar with Carolyn Wiseman.
She says, "I've been working with manpower and I've been with them, like I said, 6 months now...and I worked 2 different places and I'm hoping to get on full-time--permanently--where I'm at now."
Last month, more than 8,000 people in the state found work, which helped drop the unemployment rate from 3.5 to 3.3 percent.
And this can be contributed to recent growth in manufacturing, construction, professional and business services...and government.
And this growth is expected to continue.
Manpower Representative, Ashley Newton says, "Fourth quarter outlook is expected to remain stable in the areas of non-durable goods, manufacturing, we look again at construction being the main sector of growth."
The construction industry is expected to continue to grow to about 11% in the next quarter. And government profits continue to remain stable as well
But there are a few industries that have not benefited by the low unemployment rate.
Financial services, real estate and insurance companies are struggling to find qualified employees who want to work in those fields.