Money for Midland City

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Midland City got a little richer today as state leaders handed out checks totaling around $265,000.

Looking at Midland City now, you may not notice a heavy wind storm came through recently. But looking at their budget, you can. That's because after microburst rolled through the city last August, the city spent three weeks cleaning up; something they never expected.

City leaders say it cost anywhere from $16,000 to $17,000to help clean up this area after the storm came through. That money wasn't in their budget. City leaders say they needed the help from the state to help pay off their debts.

"We have a small economy here, tax base. Anytime you get a little help from the state or federal government, it helps these small cities tremendously," says Midland City Mayor, Don Parker.

State leaders presented Midland City with a $15,000 check to pay off the debt from the clean-up.

But state money didn't stop there. Government leaders also told the city it would soon get $250,000 to repave 17 streets.

That money came after applying at least three times for state help.

"It’s definitely needed. We’ve been trying for a couple of years now to get some of the roads repaved. In fact, I’ve written a letter for the mayor talking about how we need to have new roads through this area," says Midland City resident Keith Jimmerson.

The city must match the repaving grant money with $30,000. At the check presentation ceremony, Midland City Mayor Parker presented Sen. Jimmy Holley and Harri Anne Smith and State Rep. Steve Clouse with keys to the city as a thank-you for the contributions.