Man Charged With Beating Wife to Death

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A Seminole County, Georgia man is currently behind bars after authorities say he killed his wife.

33-year old Mark Wayne Powell remains behind bars, charged with beating his wife to death. The incident happened early Sunday morning. Authorities say they received a phone call about domestic violence at a home along Williams St. in Iron City, Georgia.

When Seminole County Sheriff's Deputies arrived at the home they found 33-year old Bridgett Powell on the ground.

EMS quickly responded and gave her CPR, then took her to a hospital in Donalsonville, Georgia, where she was later pronounced dead.

Authorities do not know exactly what led to the argument, but what they do know is that the couple had been seen by others, earlier in the night.

"From all appearances, they had attended a party earlier in the night and when they got home, they got into what we call a domestic argument which escalated into violence," said Dale Swanner, of the Seminole County Sheriff’s Office.

Officials say they are still not certain if the argument started at the party the couple attended or after they got home. What they do know is that Mrs. Powell died of trauma to the head, which they say resulted from when her husband beat her.

The couple's two children have been sent to stay with other relatives as authorities continue to try and figure out what exactly happened.

Mr. Powell is currently charged with malice murder, and is being held at the Seminole County Jail without bond. If convicted on the malice murder charge, he could face life in prison or the death penalty.