Troy Sewer Improvements

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A growing problem is creating a stink for some Troy residents.

Residents say it's time to replace sewer lines in the area. Troy utility officials responded saying they can make it happen.

The city of Troy recently got a half-million dollar grant from the state to pay for an extensive sewer project that's expected to begin soon.

Residents in this area of troy say they need new sewer lines. And utility workers agree.

Troy Utilities is expected to repair older lines in the Knox Street area, located on the north side of Troy.

"It’s smelling, and it’s backing up in the neighborhood. It’s creating a whole lot of problems around here. We need it done as quick as possible," says Troy resident, Cecil Maddox

The city recently received a $500,000 community development block grant. The city must contribute ten percent to the grant, which puts the project up for bids at $550,000.

Not only will Troy use this money to work on existing lines, but some places that don’t even have sewer lines will now get some.

Troy officials say they plan to start soon as possible. Utility officials say they hope to get going around the first of the year.

Most of the work will be done on road paths, and officials don't expect any road closures in duration of the project.