Police Say: Cottonwood Man Sought Hit on Estranged Wife

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Authorities say a Cottonwood man who is charged with two misdemeanors for holding his wife down in a bed of red ants and tried to get her killed.

WTVY first broke the story last month when Cottonwood police received a call that a woman had been beaten and bitten by more than 100 ants.

The man wanted for the crime was her estranged husband Lorenzo Fluellan Martin.

Its believed Martin had stalked the woman.

After being released on bond, investigators say martin attempted to have the woman killed so she couldn't testify against him in trial this coming Friday.

Now police have learned Martin is no stranger to crime.

"We discovered Mr. Martin had multiple arrests in Florida and he has one felony conviction for lewd and lascivious behavior involving a child. We're trying to get the full details of those cases."

Martin now faces charges for criminal solicitation, which is a Class "C" felony.

He is being held, without bond, in the Houston County Jail.