VisionLand Attendance

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Since opening June 14th -- the park has attracted about 29 percent of the projected attendance. VisionLand had expected to draw 23,400 people by this July Fourth.

VisionLand has been able to open the water park, a carousel and concession stands. But the majority of the park's amusement rides
remain closed.

The park has been trying to recover from a $100 million debt and hoped to become self-sufficient this summer. The park filed Chapter Nine bankruptcy last month to prevent creditors from foreclosing.

The city of Bessemer gave one-point-two million dollars to cover operating costs.

None of the park's 120 employees have been fired but their hours
have been scaled back.

At least two companies are reviewing VisionLand's finances and may be considering buying it. The park's advertised price is $25 million, according to Ohio-based International Theme Park Services, which is handling the sale.

Greg Earwood, director of operations remains optimistic and
predicts more people will turn out in the coming summer weeks.