Emergency Plans


If a terrorist attack were to occur in the Wiregrass, who would be responsible for coordinating an emergency responsible plan.

With the two-year anniversary of Sept. 11 approaching, WTVY News 4's Keith Hudson visited the Houston County Emergency Management Agency to find out that answer and what has changed since 9-11.

In the basement of the Houston County Court Building, lies an office whose primary goal is to prepare for any kind of major emergency situation in the Wiregrass including a terrorist attack.

The Houston County Emergency Management Agency's mission is simply this, to protect the lives of as many people possible by coordinating an emergency response plan in the shortest amount of time.

The EMA's role has grown in importance since Sept. 11, especially with many high profile targets located in the area.

Inside the agency's headquarters, several key areas like the "situation room" provide an area where a wide array of first response officials can execute a response plan for residents to follow.

Even with new additions such as a computerized threat analysis system, Wiregrass residents are urged to be on the alert as well for any kind of potential threat.