Culver Tax Plan

Mark Culver, Commission Chairman

Houston County Commission Chairman Mark Culver says Gov. Bob Riley's tax plan does not stand, quote "a proverbial snowball's chance of passing."

And if it is does fail, Culver says voters could be going back to the polls next year to decide another controversial issue.

Culver told members of the Dothan Exchange Club that over the next 20 years, Riley's tax plan would generate more than $11 million for the Houston County Commission.

Also, Dothan City Schools would get more than $12 million and Houston County Schools more than $5 million.

If the plan fails, as he expects, Culver says state lawmakers will likely approve a 1.5-percent or 2-percent statewide sales tax increase when they meet in special session next month.

He says a bill has also been prepared to resurrect a state lottery and possible some other forms of gambling.