Ozark New Developments

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New residential and commercial development may soon be coming to Ozark, if plans are approved.

Officials hope three local areas will soon be home to residential and commercial development.

On Highway 123, an area there is set to become an up-scale residential development.

The entrance is set to be between a vacant home and a family cemetery.

It will be nearly 47 acres, with 71 lots.

The other two locations are designed for commercial use.

The plot of land located across from the Dale Medical surgery Center is planned to be used as doctors’ offices, while the strip off 231 will become the home of a restaurant and hotel.

"Obviously, we’re very anxious for them to get started. We need a new hotel or motel, and Microtel builds a very, very nice complex," says Ozark Mayor, Bob Bunting.

City leaders say you may not notice construction beginning right away. They say they hope to have construction started by the New Year.

All three of the developments are privately funded, but the city is looking to spend some money for utilities.

Officials say they expect to pay around $100,000 dollars to get utility work to the projects.

However, that money must be paid back to the city and utilities board within five years.

"The need is there. The need is there to have a nice motel with a restaurant out front. There’s no question in my mind that they will do well," says Mayor Bunting.

Once all preliminary steps are complete, officials say construction should begin immediately.

Officials aren't sure what restaurant will go in front of the hotel.

Leaders were in Atlanta on Monday working to find a company that will partner with Microtel.

The Ozark Planning Commission will vote on restructuring the zones for the areas Monday night.

If approved, the plans will go before the city council on Tuesday, and before a public hearing in November.