War Veteran Memorial

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Several organizations honoring veterans attended a grave marking ceremony. The patriotic tribute is a chance for patriots to honor those heroes who helped establish our country.

A revolutionary war veteran is honored for his sacrifices. The Wiregrass chapter of the Alabama Society of the Sons of the American Revolution paid tribute to Solomon Wright Saturday by holding a grave marking ceremony. Wright was killed during the Revolutionary War and present day veterans say he represents the era that fought to make America what it is today.

Member of the Sons of the Revolution National Executive Committee John Wallace said, "Solomon Wright fought in the war and his sons did to help give us the freedoms we share today."

Several American Revolution organizations were represented at the ceremony. Members were adorned in traditional attire to pay tribute to the former soldiers of the Revolutionary War.

Participant at the service Eddie Bowling said, "I like being patriotic. It feels great in uniform holding the flag, and I usually hold the American flag and I get a lot of attention."

Distant relatives of war veteran Solomon Wright attended the ceremony. Participants say these types of experiences bring together generations of people and ignite a common spirit.

Sergeant at Arms for the Sons of the Revolution Glenn Nivens said, "Our country needs it now more than ever. Any country at war needs to have a love of country."

Several other Wright family members were honored Saturday for their contributions to the War of 1812 and the Civil War. The Wright's Chapel Cemetery holds four generations of war veterans.

If you are interested in learning more about the wiregrass chapter of "The Sons of the American Revolution," who participate in ceremonies like this regularly, you can visit their website at www.wiregrasssar.org.