Ten Commandments

Ten Commandments Monument
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About 100 demonstrators prayed at the Alabama Judicial Building today as attorneys prepare to ask a federal court in Mobile to block the removal of a Ten Commandments monument from the building's rotunda.

Many of the monument supporters spent the night in sleeping bags on the plaza and nearby steps, and one even scaled a scaffold on the side of the building and spent the night on a ledge. The unidentified man climbed down this morning.

Demonstrators have said they know the 5,300-pound monument, installed two years ago by Chief Justice Roy Moore, could be moved Monday or Tuesday. Federal courts have ruled it violates the constitution's ban on government promotion of a religious doctrine.

Moore, who contends it is his duty to acknowledge God in the public rotunda of the state government building, was suspended Friday by a state judicial ethics panel for disobeying the federal court order to move the monument.