Two Men Rob Dale County Sheriff Official’s Home

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It was the last thing dale county sheriff's deputy, Elgin Parrish expected to find when he returned from a brisk walk this morning; a man inside his home, stealing from him.

"I opened the door here and I noticed my door there was open. I stepped up to the door... the subject comes to the door, looks at me, and that's when we started talking about what he was doing with my weapons," said Elgin Parrish, the Chief of Dale County’s Sheriff Deputy Reserve.

The man Parrish found was 41-year old, Archie Malone, a man Parrish hired on several occasions to do work around his house.

"When he came up to the door, I knew it was him... and he seemed to be on drugs at the time,” said Parrish. Malone was standing at the door holding a 12 gauge shotgun and a 22 rifle, both guns belonging to Chief Parrish.

When Parrish went to take his guns back, he realized that Malone had an accomplice sitting in a yellow truck that was parked next to the house. That suspect quickly took off.

"The suspect drove his vehicle down into this creek area... I believe he was trying to hide his vehicle from us finding him. He ended up stopping his vehicle down there and was immediately taken into custody," said Kyle Anderson, a Dale County deputy sheriff.

That man was 50-year old Leon Rogers, and authorities say he may have gotten rid of two other stolen shotguns as he tried to get away.

Chief Parrish says he is glad that both men were arrested without a single shot being fired, and he suspects that Malone who was hauling the weapons out of his house, was not in a normal state of mind when he broke in.

"When he came out he handed me the keys to my gun cabinet, and the key to my house, but he left a nine millimeter on my bar... I guess he was on drugs and didn't realize the gun was there or didn't fool with it," said Parrish.

Chief Parrish says that both men did admit to using crack cocaine Thursday night, but that he is not exactly sure if they were still under the influence Friday morning, when they broke into his house.

Both men are now charge with first degree burglary, and are being held at the dale county; each man's bond is set at $10,000.

Two of Parrish's shotguns are still missing, and he is asking anyone that has information about the guns, to call the Ozark Police Department at (334) 774-2644.