Troy Fire Department Grant

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One fire department will soon have some new equipment that could help save more lives. The Troy Fire Department is looking to get a new compressor that will provide more air in their airpacks, allowing them to stay double the amount of time in a rescue situation.

Right now the Troy Fire Department can stay about 30 minutes in a burning building until their air runs out.

But that's about to change, thanks to a recent grant from Homeland Security.

The station received about $52,000 earmarked for a new air compressor.

That new compressor will supply the firefighters with double the amount of air, allowing them to perform rescue operations for about an hour.

"We're real thrilled about the new equipment. It gives us a lot better at fighting fire and rescue," says Chief Thomas Outlaw, Troy Fire Department.

The current compressor Troy’s fire department uses is about 16 years old and, unlike the new compressor, this one doesn't meet the national fire protection agency standards.

Officials say the new system will enhance recovery efforts.

"We have a lot of big buildings here in Troy, with the university and all. If we had to go in and do search and rescue or a fire, it gives us longer time inside of a building before we have to come out on the count of us not having any air in our air packs." Says Outlaw.

Of the $52,000 grant, the city of troy will have to match five percent, spending around $2,600 for the compressor.

City leaders say that money will come from the fire department's appropriation.

Fire officials hope to have the new compressor in by the New Year.