Deployed Fort Rucker Soldiers Receive Warm Welcome

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Around 1 a.m. Thursday, B Company 46th Engineer Battalion arrived home, the soldiers are an active-duty unit from Fort Rucker.

The unit is comprised of carpenters, electricians, mason, and plumbers.

And basically, they helped build 40 huts, these huts improved living conditions for service members on base.

However, 102 left last October and only 100 returned. The men and women remember their fallen comrades, Sgt. Carlos Pernell and Corp. Andy Anderson, both who lost their lives while in the line of duty.

"Units have a lot of cohesion by staying together as teams and Captain Himes who was the Company Commander an 1st Sergeant Scullion did a great job of bringing the team together and working through it," says 1st Aviation Brigade Commander COL Mike Dixon.

Also, two soldiers in the B Company 46th Engineer Battalion received Purple Hearts after being wounded during the tour.

Now, the soldiers will go through a course to reintegrate back into civilian life.