Ozark Video Game Machines

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Several Ozark businesses are being forced to unplug their video game machines.

City police have notified bars and arcades that the devices are illegal in the state of Alabama.

But, for some store owners, this means losing their livelihood.

Ricky Graveman and his wife run the Spin and Win arcade in Ozark that's full of video game machines.

They are unhappy that they have to close their business.

They opened about five months ago after spending about $600 on their arcade license and now the city wants them to turn the machines off.

Henderson said he received several complaints from the businesses and when the Attorney General ruled the machines were against the law he acted on the complaints.

Kathy Jackson is a regular at spin and win. She and her husband are gathering names on a petition to keep the game room open.

Unless the petition works, Spin and Win players will have to go somewhere else to play.

The businesses have until Nov. 27 to get rid of the machines.