Millage Rate Increase?

When you go to the polls in November you'll see an amendment requiring every school system in Alabama to set aside at least 10 mills of property taxes for public education.

Right now there are 30 of the more than 100 school systems in the states allocating fewer than the 10 mills. That group includes Dothan, Houston County, Daleville and Dale County.

Those school systems are using other tax money like sales taxes to make up the difference. They have to do that in order to be eligible for some state grant money.

Dr. Sam Nichols, Superintendent of Dothan City Schools, said, "The state requires 10 mills minimum, meaning that in order to participate in the foundation program, every local system has to generate 10 mills of local income, and we don't do that here, and so we have to subsidize with local dollars, so adding to mills would be a great benefit for our school system."

If the measure is approved in November, both the Dothan and Houston County school systems would raise their millage rates from eight to 10.