Dale County BOE May Reconsider Dress Code Policy

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The Dale County School Board could soon make some changes in one of its policies. The Dale County School Board voted Tuesday night to address its dress code after a teacher, whose name has been withheld, was found in violation.

At the recent Dale County School Board meeting the issue of that violation was not discussed. However, the Dale County Board of Education did approve by a three to two vote to discuss the fairness of the rules.

"I think any policy that we have that we pass by this board be looked at when concerns are brought up,” said Bill McSween, a District 2 board member.

Currently the policy for employees states that all employees are expected to wear appropriate dress for work and extremes in personal appearances or dress are not considered good taste.

It further states that items such as blue jeans and wind suits may be worn only on days designated by the principal or supervisor.

"We had a committee of teachers, parents, students, administrators and a board member that recommended the dress code to the Board of Education. The superintendent recommended it. It was voted on four to one and I support the dress code," said Braxton Bell, Board of Education President.

All that's written in the countywide dress code policy is "if an employee fails to exercise sound judgment, the principal or supervisor shall address the problem of inappropriate attire with the employee individually."

The punishment for an employee violating the dress code is not clearly stated and would be determined by the board there is a separate dress code for students. That policy is more detailed with regulations on all articles of clothing and discipline for the dress code violations.

The board will set a date to discuss the dress code in November.