Dothan Job Growth

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The latest job growth study results are back...and the Dothan Area Chamber of Commerce says the numbers look extremely good for our area.
From this time last year, the number of jobs in the area has increased by 1,600.
And while almost every job field has something to do with it, chamber officials say the field of Aviation is the main reason why.
In Dothan, the fields of hospitality and service are always looking for more people to hire.
The issue is not so much growth.
But no business field in the wiregrass is growing quite as quickly as Aviation.
And according to projections, that won't change any time soon.
Steve Turkoski, with the Dothan Area Chamber of Commerce says, "In our region--region 10 in workforce and development--we have projections for the aviation mechanics and technicians as the fastest growing or highest growth."
Among the wiregrass aviation businesses in the area, Pemco Aviation Group is in the midst of massive hiring.
Pemco will be hiring about 200 A&P and Sheetmetal technicians by the end of this year.
Kevin Casey, with Pemco Aviation Group says, "We have an aggressive campaign and training. We have 4 different programs we're doing to try to meet those needs--as well as remote-site recruitment activities that are on-going constantly
Those at the Chamber of Commerce say the job growth of 1,600 is not even counting those who are self-employed as well.
Anyone interested in a job at Pemco Aviation Group can apply online at
You can also call their Human Resources Department at (334) 983-4571.