Daleville Schools Capital Plan

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One Wiregrass school is making some renovations designed to make learning more comfortable.

Daleville City Schools have laid out a five-year plan to make upgrades to their schools. One of those upgrades will be completed within a year: the renovation of the heating and air conditioning in Daleville Middle School.

The boiler system Daleville Middle School currently uses has been in the school for nearly 30 years, and officials say it's harder to maintain the right temperature under the current system.

They say it's time for an upgrade.

"We're hoping that by replacing the heating and air conditioning units, they're more energy efficient. Eventually we'll get to the point where we no longer need to use the old boiler system," says Superintendent for Daleville City Schools, Andy Kelley.

The building houses both the high school and middle school.

While the high school already has central heating and air, the seventh and eighth grade halls are set to receive them next year.

The fifth and sixth are not too far behind.

The cost for the renovation will run around $170,000 dollars, for 5th through 8th grade.

"It's our goal to make sure our students are comfortable. Where our teachers can teach, and our students can learn in a safe environment that's comfortable as well," says Kelley.

School leaders say the money for the project will not come from the school's pocket. State money is set to pick up the tab.

Officials say they will completely renovate the 7th and 8th grade halls before renovating the 5th and 6th.

That project is expected to be completed in 2008.

Other projects in the five-year plan include replacing lighting fixtures at Daleville Middle and High School, and building a gymnasium at Windham Elementary.