Walker Trial Update

Testimony will continue today in a capital murder case in Dothan.

The suspect claims he only served as a lookout for the man who actually pulled the trigger.

Opening arguments were heard Monday in the trial of James Earl Walker.

He's the second suspect accused in the January 2000 home-invasion robbery and murder of an elderly Wicksburg woman.

District Attorney Doug Valeska told jurors, 87-year-old Bessie Lee Thweet was brutally beaten with a .22 caliber rifle before she was shot in the head.

Co-defendant Rex Beckworth has already been convicted and sentenced to die for his part in the crime.

In a video taped statement to investigators, Walker places all the blame on Beckworth.

Defense Attorney Mike Crespi claims Walker never even entered the home the night of the murder.

But, Valeska says that doesn't matter because both suspects are equally guilty in the eyes of the law.