Wal-Mart Low Cost Prescription Plan

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Wal-Mart is drastically changing prescription drug coverage for consumers. It announced Thursday that hundreds of prescription drugs will be available at sharply reduced prices in all of Florida.

Customer demand is so high that Wal-Mart representatives think the program will soon move into many more states, including Alabama.

Many people living on fixed incomes see this change as a blessing. Now drugs that cost as much as $100 per prescription can be purchased for four dollars. Wal-Mart has posted a list of more than 300 drugs that qualify for the program.

Wal-Mart is making changes to its prescription coverage like never before. Florida residents piled into Wal-Mart stores across the state to take advantage of the discounted drugs. The new plan will especially benefit seniors on a fixed income.

Senior prescription drug coordinator with the Southeastern Alabama Regional Counsel on Aging said, "This is great for those who don't qualify for Medicare."

The four dollar prescriptions apply only to select generic drugs. Right now the program is only in place in Florida, but Wal-Mart plans to expand into other states, something many wiregrass residents are anticipating.

One Dothan resident said, "This would help a lot. For a prescription I pay a $30 co-pay and this would safe me a lot."

Another Dothan resident said, "It sounds great, but will it help us here?"

Among the more than 300 drugs covered are Atenolol, Trazodone, Glyburide for diabetes and several cillians. Because all drugs purchased under this plan must be generic, it is best to consult with your doctor about any possible side effects before changing your medications.

Since the initiation of the new prescription program Wal-Mart has already received more than 36,000 new prescriptions, a sign that Wal-Mart will most likely extend the program into other areas.

This new prescription program only applies to generic drugs. However, there is a program in Dothan designed to help those individuals with name brand prescriptions who are between the ages of 55 and 65. You can't be covered by Medicare or Medicaid to qualify.

For more information, you can contact the Southeastern Alabama Regional Counsel on Aging at 678-0440.