Dale Co. Weather Sirens

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Some residents in Dale County will soon have an extra warning when it comes to bad weather.

The Dale County Emergency Management Agency is teaming up with five area communities to install six new severe weather sirens.

They say those sirens give some people in the county the early warning, they've never had before.

Dale County is currently equipped with 12 severe weather sirens, but emergency management leaders say that's not enough.

Dale County EMA along with five communities are installing six new weather sirens in the county, upping the total to 18.

Daleville will be the first area to get a new siren. One siren is already in the town, but leaders say this new one will not be the last.

"We need this one and another one. We're going to ask for another one next year. We already have one. The one we're putting in now will be right behind the school. So, if we have a problem during the day, the kids and teachers will know what's going on," says Daleville Mayor, Wess Etheredge.

With reductions, the sirens over $15,000.

But each community only pays $2,500 in order for it to be installed. The rest of the money came from federal and county dollars.

Once installed, it will give some communities an early warning signal they never have had before.

"We're trying to encircle with them and make sure that everybody in the county is covered. There's 49,200 people out there that I consider myself to be responsible for, and I want them to have the early warning as the same as anybody else that lives in one of the cities," says Ray Phillips, Dale Co. EMA Director.

The weather sirens cover about a mile wide radius. Both Daleville and Clayhattachee are set to have one installed this weekend. Ozark is set to install two, and the other two will go to Echo and Skipperville.

Leaders hope to have all six severe weather sirens installed by the end of the month.