Girls Dixie Softball World Series to be Held in Marianna, FL

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When many of us think of the name Williamsport, Pennsylvania, most of us think about the little league World Series that is hosted there every year.
Well now, a town close to the wiregrass is hoping to get that same notoriety, and bring in millions of dollars into the local economy in the process.
The City of Marianna in Jackson County, Florida is now preparing to host it's first ever Dixie Softball World Series for girls.
Marianna’s city manger, Louy Harris says, "The City of Marianna was fortunate enough to get the Dixie Girls Softball World Series for 2007."
For seven days, teams from 11 different southeastern states will compete in the tournament.
There will be 12 teams in each of the three divisions represented in the World Series.
Each division represented by girls from specific age groups.
That's a total of 36 teams.
"When you got three thousand people here staying for seven days, they're buying food. They're buying their hotel rooms and lodging... their recreation, their entertainment and shopping expenses... And so the spending rate on that equates, over a seven day period to about two-million dollars of flow through into the community," said Art Kimbrough, the president of the Jackson County Chamber of Commerce.
Officials in Jackson County say they will use Dothan as a model for their World Series event because the city of Dothan hosted the tournament back in 2005.
"As they told us, they made alot of mistakes and had alot of lessons learned, so in the words of the Japanese, we're not going to plagiarize but hopefully adopt their practices," said Kimbrough.
And in the long run city leaders hope for one thing.
"My biggest hope for the City of Marianna, for this event, is that Marianna will be known for putting on a good tournament, and that our name will hopefully be synonymous with some type of World Series," said Harris.
Jackson County officials say they are going to need all the help they can get to make this event a success.
Anyone who is interested in volunteering to help during the tournament is being asked to call the Jackson County Chamber of Commerce at (850) 482-8060.
The World Series tournament will take place from July 27, 2007 through August 2, 2007.