Two Dothan City Officials Recieve Death Threats

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A Dothan man is behind bars charged with making terrorist threats, after police say he phoned in death threats against Dothan Mayor Pat Thomas, and the president of the Dothan Area Chamber of Commerce, Matt Parker.
Police were able to apprehend their suspect, because he made the threats to the 911 center.
Dothan’s police chief, John Powell says, "They were made over the 911 line and they were made in regard to the mayor... to be relayed to the mayor, and to the other individual."
That’s when Dothan Police began investigating this suspicious call that was made Tuesday night from a payphone. Two days later they arrested Donald Hill, who they say made that call.
Chief John Powell says that Hill told the 911 operator that Mayor Thomas and Mr. Parker should die.
When police realized it was Hill who made the call, they contacted him and he agreed to turn himself in.
And according to investigators, Hill said he made the death threats because he was angry over the construction of the “Flying J” truck stop, on the south side of Ross Clark Circle.
"He said he was upset with all the noise and the smell coming from the materials. And he was upset with that property coming in where it is,” said Corporal Frank Meredith of the Dothan Police Department.
When police informed Mayor Thomas of the call, he said he didn't feel all that threatened.
He also says he isn't surprised considering that he has recently been the target of quite a bit of negativity.
"I think some of this is driven by hate radio and some of the crazy media that's in town," said Thomas.
Mayor Thomas and Mr. Parker say they are very thankful to the Dothan Police Department for all their hard work in catching the man who threatened their lives.
Mayor Thomas says, "Any time there is a threat, there is increased security, and since the threat was that night there were increased drive-by's that night."
"They did an outstanding job in such a short period of time, and I just really can't commend them enough for their fine job and their hard work," said Parker.
According to Chief Powell, Mr. Hill said he never planned on carrying out any kind of threat, and that he never meant any harm by making the call to the 911 center.
But officials say they will not take any kind of death threat lightly, especially after the recent rash of school shootings around the country.
Hill is now being held at the Dothan City Jail where he is charged with making terrorist threats.