International scam hits Houston County

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An international scam has victimized several in the Wiregrass, and caused them to lose thousands of dollars.

It looks real, and feels real, but a check for more than $4600 dollars, which has been sent to several Houston County residents, is anything but real.

Houston County Sheriff Lamar Glover says some folks were sent the check along with a letter, which reads, “We are please to inform you that you are one of the lucky winners of the North American Sweepstakes Lottery held August 2, 2006”.

"This is a scam check, it's coming from British Columbia. “They send you this check and this one just happened to be for $4652 dollars and they tell you to cash it and send it back, then you are to receive $100,000 back," explains Sheriff Glover.

However, before you can cash their check and receive the rest of that $100,000 dollars, you have to wire the company at least $4000 dollars in taxes to a Thomas Industries with an account in Dalton, Georgia.

And, if a victim thinks, ‘Well, hey, I'll just prosecute’, think again, because the scam artist lives all the way in British Columbia, which means there's nothing you can do about it.

"You're not going to get any prosecution on it. People are crying for help, but there's nothing we can do," says Sheriff Glover.

When informed sheriff's investigators contacted the scam artist, who knew exactly what they were doing, "They told us they didn't care who we contacted," Sheriff Glover says, “because what is America? It's all about stealing."

Because of that, Sheriff Glover says he wants residents to be aware, because once you become a victim of a scam, more than likely you will not get your money back.