Wiregrass Crop Yields Low

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This year’s drought is taking a major toll on local farmers. Crops were looking bleak all year.

And now that harvesting time has arrived, farmers are confirming the devastation they feared.

Those farmers who are wrapping up their harvesting season say they are seeing about a 50 percent decrease in profits due mainly to the lack of rain.

Farmers say it could take as many as 10 years to recoup their losses.

Crop harvesting season is here and farmers are not seeing the profit returns they need to keep their businesses up and running. Both cotton and peanut crops are yielding less than half of what last year provided.

Agriculture experts are attributing the loss to lack of rain.

Extension Cotton Agronomist William Birdsong said, "We just don't have enough rain to keep the crops up."

Officials from the Alabama Extension office say the low crop yields effect more than just farmers.

Extension Peanut Agronomist Dallas Hartzog said, "Low crops affect the economy because they are a major source of revenue for the city."

To gain extra revenue some farmers are planting winter grain they normally would not grow to make sure they have enough revenue to make it through the off season.

The Alabama Extension office says more farmers are taking on part-time jobs just to supplement their incomes from the profits they lost this year.