Homeless Man Victimized Follow-Up

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Police are still searching for answers after a homeless man was nearly beaten to death in Dothan.

Mark Brameier is in the intensive care unit at a local hospital on life support after receiving life threatening injuries to the head.

Police are following several leads, but so far have made no arrests.

The Dothan Police Department has one detective solely dedicated to finding the person or persons responsible for this horrific beating.

Because of the violence involved, they say it is even more important that an arrest is made to ensure no one else in the area is harmed.

Getting closer to an arrest
Police are getting closer to making an arrest in the Sept. 23rd beating of a homeless man. Mark Brameier was severely beaten in the head and is in the critical care unit at a local hospital.

While police are working several leads, they say information is scarce. Captain Nick Monday with the Dothan Police Department said, "This case is different because there were no eyewitnesses. Most of our crimes are solved from eyewitnesses."

Brameier’s family members are searching for answers about who would do this to their father. They say they fear that because it was such a violent act, the assailant may strike again. Brameier's daughter Stacy Powell said, "It's important that this doesn't happen again.”

The district attorney's office is offering reward money for any information leading to an arrest and assures the public that this case is being treated with as much care and concern as any case in the area.

Houston and Henry County District Attorney Doug Valeska said, “All cases in Houston and Henry County are the same, whether you’re homeless or not we prosecute like you are family."

If an arrest is made, the district attorney's office says they will prosecute to the fullest extent the law will allow.

Also in this case, police say the fullest extent of the law could be a capitol murder charge if Brameier passes away.

That means the perpetrator would be facing life in prison without parole or the death penalty.

The Dothan Police Department is working diligently to solve this case, but officials are still hoping an eyewitness will come forward.

If you have any information, you are asked to call Crime Stoppers at 793-7000.

You may be eligible for a cash reward.