Wiregrass First to Receive Flu Shots in State

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Jenny Barkley came to receive her flu shot Wednesday, and she brought along her four children.

She says last flu season her entire family got bit by the bug, but this year is going to be different.

"I came last year, but the children weren't able to get a shot here last year. By that time the pediatricians had run out of the vaccine and we're going to start coming every year" says Barkley.

She, along with more than 1000 others, came to receive their flu shot at Westgate Park Wednesday morning.

Houston and Dale County's Health Department received the doses early, after a flu outbreak, which sickened more than a dozen people in both counties.

"It was very early. It's not your typical [season] and usually February is the pick of the season" says Peggy Searcy, Area 10 Immunization Manager.

As a pilot, Michael Adams says the recent outbreaks combined with the hundreds of people he flies daily, he can't afford not to get the vaccine. "I'm getting a flu shot today because I travel all over North America,” he says. “It was provided by the county and the city and it was easy and inexpensive to get done."

To dodge the flu, officials say to always wash your hands. Also, anyone seeking the flu immunization is asked to bring their Medicare or Medicaid cards with them

An immunization clinic is scheduled for Thursday, October 5th from 8AM until 4PM, at the Perry Recreation Center in Ozark.

Eight-hunred doses will be given on a first come first served bases.

Winn Dixie is offering a series of upcoming clinics.

Call your local Winn Dixie to find out more.