Brundidge Budget

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The city of Brundidge now faces a smaller budget after losing a major cash flow business.

City leaders say the budget was tough to come up with, due to the closing of a major textile manufacture.

The city of Brundidge recently passed an $8.7 million dollar budget that included a pay raise for all city employees.

The budget has been in discussion for over a month, and leaders say even though nothing drastic was cut, that does not mean the city is facing smooth times.

"It does hurt when you loose someone you've had like the Russell Corporation, that's been in our community for over 10 years. Over 52 years we've had something in that plant. So, those kinds of things do hurt. Thank goodness we had others to fall back on so we didn't have to cut services, staff and people we fund,” says Brundidge Mayor, Jimmy Ramage.

City leaders say if they could find someone to fill the empty building, it would help the city greatly.

"We start our fiscal year October 1st. So, if we got something by April 1st, that would be great. It's wishful, but any time we get anything it would help," says Ramage.

City leaders say they are limited to who can come into the building due to low roofs.

The city does have one client looking at the property, but no bids have been made.

City leaders say they are now living tight.

Officials say they have enough money for the necessities and some additional to match grants, but that's it for now.

In previous years, they have had enough to budget a surplus, but this year, only necessities were included.

All city employees received a flat raise, which ranged from 2.5 percent to 4.5 percent.

The Russell Plant closed a little over a month ago.