Cell Phones in Schools

Wednesday morning we told you about a student who reportedly carried a loaded gun to Northview High School. Fortunately, nobody was hurt.

Right now most Wiregrass schools do not allow cell phones on campus.
But, could phones help in student safety?

Most of the sophomores in Coach Childers History class think they should be able to bring cell phones to school.

Catrina Hartung brings her mobile to class and leaves it in her purse.
But teachers think the electronic disturbance should be left at home.

According to state mandate, if school officials see a cell phone they must confiscate it and give a student two days in school suspension.

Administrators say this happens once or twice a week at Dothan High.

Norris says he doesn't enforce the rules at ballgames because the cell phones keep the kids safe when their out at night. But he believes cell phones could become big aggravations.

The penalty for cell phones in the classroom has lightened over the years. It used to be 15 days in alternative school.

Also, the superintendent can allow students to have a cell phone at school if they have extenuating circumstances.