Identify Theft

Florida authorities have busted up an identity theft scheme and the Dothan business that became a victim helped solve the case.

Tallahassee car salesman Tony Brewer is accused of stealing personal information from customers to help another suspect in the case buy luxury cars.

Some of that information was used to fraudulently purchase a $62,000 Mercedes from the Mike Schmitz Automotive Group in Dothan.

The car has since been recovered.

Investigators say the suspects also contacted a BMW dealership in Georgia and used the stolen info to obtain credit cards and cellular phones.

Records from those phones were used to track down the suspects.

But Mercedes-Benz sales manager, Fred Forah of Dothan helped to positively identify the man who conned him out of the car.

He picked 25-year-old Christopher Shorter out of a photo line-up. Shorter is still-at-large.

Anyone who knows where he is should contact their nearest law enforcement agency.