Houston County Shooting Suspect Caught

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It started Monday, right before lunchtime.

Houston County Sheriff's investigators say 67-year old Gordon Resident, Ivey Culbreth claimed he was run off the road by a woman.

However, the sheriff's department says he followed her and then cornered and shot her.

But the victims loved ones say the story goes much deeper.

Barbara Bowman is the victim's aunt and lives where the shooting took place
"I heard those gun shots go off and he went up to her and told her he was going to kill her," she said.

Investigators say Culbreth followed the victim to a home on Bazemore Mill Road in Gordon where she had gone to call for help.

They say he got out of his car, grabbed a gun and shot her twice, once in the leg and once in her lower abdomen.

The suspect claimed the woman ran him off the road.

However, her family says he was the aggressive driver.

Investigators say it was road rage.

However, family members don't agree. They say the situation began three months ago with a man they barely know.

"He was like stalking us. We had told him numerous times to get out of our yard and stay out of our yard and that man would not," Bowman says.

Now, family members are concerned, concerned because they say they don't know how or why they were chosen as Culbreth's stalking victims.

Sheriff Glover wants drivers to be careful and ignore those with road rage. "It's not something that you confront. She wasn't confronting him, just trying to get out of his way and he followed her," he explains.

"You're not really angry because the person cut you off in traffic. You are really angry because things have built up in your life. You are not dealing with [things] in their life and you feel sort of out of control," says Psychiatrist, Dr. Chris Strunk.

Investigators are not revealing the name of the victim, but say she was shot with a bird shot. She was treated and released from an area hospital.

Culbreth is being held in the Houston County Jail.

He is charged with first degree assault and is under a $100,000 dollar bond.