Daleville Sidewalks

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One Wiregrass city is enhancing safety, starting with where you walk.

The city of Daleville is constructing two sidewalk paths in the city. One, being in front of an elementary school, where parents and kids say they are forced to walk in the street to avoid ant beds and potholes.

A sidewalk project, years in the works is finally coming to a close.

The city of Daleville awarded a bid to start contraction of two sidewalks in the city, running down 85 South, and the other on AM Windam, traveling to AM Windam Elementary School.

Leaders and people in the community say the sidewalks will enhance safety for pedestrians in the area.

"It will be safer so kids don't get hit by cars." says 2nd Grader Brooke Stephens.

In fact, many parents and kids walking from the school say they have to walk in the street because it’s safer than the grassy roadside.

"We've stepped in ant beds and the holes we've had to jump over, [and] walk in the street. We might get run over," says June Trenkler and Alexandra Trenkler, who are Daleville residents. "So wouldn't that be a good thing to have that side walk? It will keep us safe.”

"We think it's a great idea, that way kids will be safe. Cars won't hit them. There are folks that drive pretty fast through this street. I've been here a couple of years and seen it happen," says Parent, Rosealee Carlson.

The intersection is where one of the sidewalks will begin.

City leaders say it will not only add safety to people walking, but also beauty to the city.

"The main one is the one going to the school. It’s just not safe for the kids to be out in the road. We have a lot of people that walk from the north end of town to the center of town to the country market. It's just safety for the people, and helps improve our city's looks,” says Daleville Mayor, Wess Etheredge.

The project will cost almost $129,000 dollars.

Nearly 78 percent of that money comes from grant money.

The project won't begin for another few weeks, and officials anticipate it lasting 1 ½ to two months.

Daleville received the grant for the project in 2003.