Dothan Housing Boom

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Several areas in the wiregrass are experiencing an increase in home-building and sales and Dothan is not an exception.
As of July first, about 700homes have been sold in Dothan.
And if the current rate of sales continues, there will be more than 1,400 homes sold this year.
Almost anywhere you drive in the circle city, you can see wooden frames going up.
Dothan Resident Julia Byrd says, "Every day it seems like we hear about another one. There's the new phase in the highlands. There are some out on Fortner going in. New construction seems to be booming and there are new houses going in everywhere."
Realtors say alot of the people buying newly constructed homes are people upgrading from smaller houses across town.
But there's also a steady flow of people moving in from out of town.
And while home sales across the country may be on the downfall, builders say here in Dothan, that's not the case."
Instead, property values are increasing because so many people want to move into--and continue to live in--the area.
Scott Jones, President of S.A. Jones Construction Company says, "There are areas throughout the United States that are not noticing the slow-down. We've got alot of over-heated markets--Florida, California, Texas--that are a bit too hot, prices are going alot higher than what they can sustain or support. Our market is not that way. So we've got the same consumers coming. We're still at that point where we're not finishing the homes before they're selling."
And the increase in sales is a trend that is expected to continue.
The University of Alabama's Real Estate Research and Education Center just released it's monthly housing statistics for the month of June.
The report states that in that month, the wiregrass made an "all-time sales record".