School Violence

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The recent school shooting has local schools in the Wiregrass taking a look at their safety policies.

Students at Dothan High School are alarmed and saddened by the recent school shootings around the nation.

When Principal Georgia Gary took over reigns at Dothan high this year, she was worried about being surrounded by streets and people just wandering into the schools.

So she uses security cameras all over the campus, makes teachers lock their doors, and bought new walkie talkies so administrators can contact the school resource officer quickly.

Students understand a tragedy like a school shooting isn't 100 percent preventable. But they feel a bit safer at Dothan High School.

Houston County School Supt. Tim Pitchford says his schools have a safety plan in place.

Everyone must wear ID badges, and sign in at the office, but Pitchford has one concern.

The school resource officers have special training to handle a suspicious person on campus.

SRO Director Sgt. Buren Wambles with the Dothan Police Department says he is enforcing safety awareness on school grounds.

These precautions will hopefully keep something like what happened in Pennsylvania yesterday from ever happening here in the Wiregrass.

Dothan High School will be practicing mock drills at the school.