Missing Phone Numbers

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More than 25 Dothan area businesses are suing CenturyTel for leaving them out of the phone book and attorneys say that number is growing.

Verizon, Graceba Communications and ITC DeltaCom are also named in the suit. Attorneys contend they didn't do enough to make sure CenturyTel had all the information it needed to put out its new phone book.

If businesses win their case, it would be up to a jury to decide damages.

Representatives from CenturyTel and the other companies say they are unable to comment specifically at this point.

But, CenturyTel says they are putting out a supplement to the phone book later this month that will contain numbers that were left out of the September book.

If your business was left out, you can contact CenturyTel at 1-800-201-4102 and residential customers who aren't listed can call 1-800-201-4099.