Rehobeth Growth

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The city of Rehobeth is growing by leaps and bounds.
In the past year, about seven new subdivisions have been established.
Residents who have lived in Rehobeth all their lives say the city's population has at least tripled in the past decade.
They believe it's because of what the city has to offer.
Marvin Peters has been living in Rehobeth for more than 35-years.
He believes more families are attracted to building homes in the city because of land values, the school system and an effecient fire and rescue squad.
"20 years ago, I could tell you everybody in this community's first name. Today, I can't. The people are moving in just that quick and they love it."
With every new neighborhood comes about 100 single-family homes.
And now, the seemingly-sudden boom is forcing city officials to look into expansions to the sewage system and increased staffing with the volunteer fire and rescue department.
John Parrish with the Rehobeth Volunteer and Rescue Department says, "As far as equipment goes, we got an ISO rating of 95 and we've been working hard to keep that. But the biggest thing now is finding volunteers."
Rehobeth schools are also feeling the growing pains.
A long-range planning committee for Houston County schools is looking at expanding the Rehobeth campus
The new construction in Rehobeth is primarily residential.
But it's not just neighborhood construction.
It also includes individual lot sales, mobile home park expansions and private construction as well.
Towns surrounding Rehobeth, like Taylor and Madrid are also seeing an increase in their populations.