Daleville Regulates Sweepstakes

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One city is targeting Alabama’s online sweepstakes problem, by establishing an ordinance restricting businesses.

Daleville city leaders say this ordinance will do away with any kind of gambling related businesses inside city limits.

Daleville leaders say they refuse to sit back and allow online gambling in their city.

The city passed a sweepstakes regulations ordinance restricting businesses like D&R sweepstakes from giving customers chances to win cash prizes on video or electronic readers.

"We do not want any type gambling in our city. We're not going to put up with it. We have been to court before on this, different type gambling, but we've been to court. We just don't want this right outside Ft. Rucker. The main thing, we don't want it in our city, but what we're not going to put up with is we don't want our soldiers coming out here and losing money," says Daleville Mayor, Wess Etheredge.

D&R sweepstakes must renew its license this month.

Even though the sign on the door says they are closed due to "Internet difficulties," city leaders say don't expect them to open their door anytime soon.

City officials say they were lied to about what kind of business was going to be established when the owners applied last year.

Now city leaders say they don't expect granting them another license.

"There's no doubt that what they're doing out there is gambling. They did not buy a license for that. They bought a license for something else, and then opened up with all the computers and started gambling. They only bought a license to sell phone cards," says Etheredge.

The city has not eliminated all sweepstakes. For a list of criteria the sweepstakes must meet you can get a copy of the ordinance at Daleville’s City Hall.

The new ordinance is now being investigated by the attorney of D&R sweepstakes.