Dothan Garbage Fees

Dothan residents may find themselves paying for garbage and trash collection service next month. Its a service the city has provided for years "for free".

Officials are not looking to make money from it, just break even.

The city of Dothan has never charged a garbage collection fee but a new solid waste study says the time has finally come. Money for sanitation and environmental services has always come from the general fund and reserve fund balances.

But City Manager Dennis Rubin says those millions could be better spent on roads, bridges and other capital improvement projects.

Rubin says he's just trying to make the service pay its own way.

Houston County currently charges $9.60 per month for once a week curb side service.

Rubin says Dothan residents can expect something very similar.

City commissioners will vote on the proposed sanitation service fee September 9th. If approved, the new charge would be added to Dothan's water and electric bills.

Currently, garbage is collected in Dothan twice a week. But Rubin says pick-up could be cut to once a week in order to provide the best service at the lowest cost.