Dothan Cleanup

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Groups and individuals worked throughout the day cleaning up yards and helping neighbors, and many residents pitched in to participate.

People of all ages offered their time and services Saturday to help those in need. Dothan's annual Fall Cleanup charged everyone to get out and do their part in the community.

Commissioner Paul Lee said, “We encouraged everyone to clean up neighborhoods. It started as a cleanup for district three and grew to clean up Dothan."

Individuals like Commissioner Lee and several area youth groups were busy all morning cleaning up yards for those who cannot tend to them, themselves!

Student minister for Southside Baptist Church Chad Driggers said, "A lot of people can't do it and as people get older or busier it is nice to help, and that the city provides this so the city will pick it up."

Elderly residents were grateful for all of the help and feel safer with a well kept yard. Louise Tyler had her yard cleaned up by volunteers and said, "I think it is just marvelous, and if everyone in Dothan would do their part it would make it easier for all, and help those who can't."

Those who volunteered were honored to do their part to clean up Dothan.

One youth volunteer said, "It makes me feel good ‘cause we're helping this lady who can't do this like we can, and it just feels good to help out."

Another youth volunteer said, "It makes me feel happy. I've given a little from which God has given to me so much."

The City of Dothan hopes that this cleanup is just the start of a cleaner Dothan and encourages individuals to help neighbors in need and keep their yards looking nice year round.

The city is still working on collecting all of the trash set out by local residents, but because of the large amount of people participating, they think it will take a few days to complete the project, but say they will make it to all the homes in a timely manner.