Lake George Dam

walter f george dam
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After almost two years and thousands of tons of concrete, engineers say they're almost finished with a project to extend the life of the Lake Walter F. George Dam on the Chattahoochee River.

The improvements are part of more than $80 million of work to ensure that the dam does not fail and to increase its capacity to generate electricity.

Engineers are working to stop water from seeping under the concrete portion of the 41-year-old dam to prevent erosion that could cause it to fail.

The project costs more than $53.4 million and should be completed next year.

Inside the dam, workers also are overhauling the four generators that produce hydroelectric power. That project , which began in February 2001, costs $30 million and will take another five or six years to complete.

The upgrades are expected to extend the lives of the generators by at least 35 years and enable them to produce more electricity using less water.