Daleville PD Targets Reckless Driving

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Daleville police officers are now targeting drivers that cross the yellow line, run off the road, or cut other drivers off, due to in-car distractions.

Officers say they have had enough with in-car distractions, which cause reckless driving.

Now, they plan on doing something about it.

Using a cell phone in the car may not cause you a ticket in Daleville, but it could lead to one.

While many people think of reckless driving as driving too fast, officials say that's not always the case.

If you run off the road, fail to obey postings, cut off other drivers, or break any other traffic laws due to in-car distractions, you could face a stiff penalty for reckless driving.

"About a week ago, I took a little trip and somebody ran up and almost hit me in the rear end, [they] pulled out in front of me. Then, a little further down the road, one came across the road at me. I figured it was time we started cracking down on this," says Daleville Police Chief, Jimmy Seaton.

Officials say they are not trying to crack down on doing other things inside a car, they just want drivers to be safe.

"The patrol officers are going to be paying attention to the ones that are driving in a reckless manner: not paying attention to what they're doing; using cell phones or whatever. If they cross the center line, run off the road or endanger someone, we're going to give them a ticket," says Seaton.

Officers have already started looking closely for the signs of reckless driving while patrolling the area.

The penalty is $165 dollars with court costs

Chief Seaton says consider this story as your warning.

He says if an officer pulls you over for careless driving, expect a ticket.

As of January 2003, the police department stopped using cell phones in patrol vehicles, to eliminate distractions while on the job.