Enterprise Extra Classrooms

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An unexpected influx of 130-students in the Enterprise City School System has meant an increased need for new classrooms.

This week, the school board recognized that need at two middle schools.

Angela Seals is in her fourth year as principal at Coppinville Junior High School.

In the late 1960's, she was a junior high student there.

All seventh-graders in the Enterprise City School System are assigned at Coppinville.

Its enrollment is up nearly 50 students from last June. Plus, construction will soon get underway for several new classrooms.

English Teacher Cheryl Harper is described as a "floater", with no permanent room. She maintains all her instructional materials on a rolling cart. "It is tough getting in the traffic of the hallway," she says. "And many times, the students will be in the classroom before the teacher can even get there."

In addition, six new classrooms will be built at Daughin Junior High School.

Under the District's 5-year plan, $4.5 million dollars has been earmarked to build 30 news classrooms in schools throughout Enterprise.