Eight Illegal Meth Labs Found in Six Weeks in Madison County

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Jim Winn, commander of the Huntsville-Madison Strategic Counterdrug Team, said most methamphetamine labs are found in rural areas or small towns. He said one sure way to recognize an illegal meth lab is the smell, described as a noxious odor similar to burning acid.

The recent spurt of eight labs brought the number of labs found in Madison County this year to ten. Winn said the increase appears to be part of a trend for methaphetamine labs to move into urban areas.

One tool residents can now use to help agents combat meth is an Internet Web site where anonymous tips can be sent to investigators.

At www.drugteam.net, users will recognize the Strategic Counterdrug Team site by its name and a big gold badge on the left side of the screen.

The user does not have to provide an e-mail address on the site in order to use it.