Over the Counter Drugs

Knowing your child's weight could help prevent a potentially life threatening drug overdose.

Doctors say, with children, medication should be based on weight, every medication I give is a per pound or per kilogram per dose.

Pediatrician Yasmin Tyler-Hill advises parents to read the labels of over-the-counter medicine or consult a dosage chart to make sure a child receives the right amount of medicine.

Doctor Tyler-Hill sees a lot of mistakes being made with acetaminophen or Tylenol. It's easy to obtain and often used as a fever reducer, but giving too much, too often can cause liver damage.

It's not just adults serving up the wrong dosage, so are teenagers who may have free reign of the medicine cabinet.

They really are not at the age to understand that the correct dose if it doesn't work shouldn't be tripled or double on its own.

If you suspect too much medicine has been ingested, call poison control or see a doctor immediately.