City May Closed Internet Gambling Business

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Troy officials say they were misled when it came to granting a business license to H&H Pre-Paid Internet Services. And they say the business could face a tough punishment.

H&H Pre-Paid Internet Services was granted a business license on June 20. Troy leaders say they were under the notion it was to be an internet cafe for the community to use to surf the net, specially designed for college students. But city leaders say that's not what's going in the gray metal building.

City leaders have given the owner of H&H a registered letter requesting his appearance before the city council. The owner did not show up last meeting, and leaders are giving him one more chance to defend his business before voting to revoke the license.

Workers at H&H said they've had people to come in to use the prepaid Internet. But the majority of their clients are there for the sweepstake machines.

A vendor who would only go by the name of "Chase" told News 4 the machines are strictly for Internet use. But he says for every four minutes, which costs $1, the customer gets 100 sweepstakes chances to win a gift card to area businesses.

City leaders report that is not what's going on, and they believe customers are leaving with cash.

Troy city leaders say they are not granting any Internet sweepstakes business license until the attorney general says it's legal.

If the city council votes to revoke the license, that will take effective immediately.